Explorer Post 904

Have you ever thought about a career as a firefighter? Have you ever watched a television show about rescues, seen a disaster on the news, or watched Firefighters in action in your own neighborhood and thought “This job is for me”? But, is it really? Are you ready to spend years preparing yourself for a career you may know very little about? If you are between the ages of 14-19 and have ever thought about the dynamic and rewarding profession of firefighting, you now have a chance to answer the “Is this job for me?” question.
The Program

Founded in 1985, the San Mateo Fire Department’s Explorer Post 904 has given local high school age kids the opportunity to decide if a career as a firefighter is really the career path they want to follow. Through classroom and hands-on training, you will see exactly what it takes to find openings, employment, and success in this challenging field. If this sounds interesting to you, we will soon be accepting applications for new members. We encourage all qualified applicants (regardless of sex, race, and other non-merit factors) to apply.
The Process

All applicants will be invited to an oral board type interview. All candidates that successfully pass the interview will be required to complete a minimum of six month probationary period. During this period, you will learn basic practices and procedures used in day to day firefighting operations and firehouse rules and regulations. At the end of your probation, a CPR class, a written exam and an apparatus inventory exam will be administered. Following successful completion of the exam, you will be allowed to begin the “ride along” portion of the program.

Ride-Along Program

The Ride-Along portion of the program is truly the most exciting. Explorers are allowed to observe and assist Firefighters while responding to most types of calls, including medical and fire responses. Public Relations is also a very important part of being an Explorer. We have participated in many local events, such as the Festa Italiana Street Fair, San Mateo Victorian Days in the Park, and The San Mateo County Fair. In addition, Explorers meet on a regular basis to continue learning new equipment and procedures and discuss experiences gained while on a Ride-Along.

For More Information

Call the Explorer Voice Mail Box at 650-522-7522, box number 6350 and leave your Name and Telephone Number and one of the Program Advisors will return your call as soon as possible.