Dave Meghinasso took this 6x6 Bull Elk in northwestern Colorado in October of 2015. He can only say that this fellow was God's gift to this "old guy."

Successful pig hunt in Gilroy with hunters Andy Martinez, their guide Troy Dooley, Joe Rupena, Matt Turturici in May 2013.

Joe Novelli shot a 80 pound pig at 30 yards with his 270.

Andy Martinez shot his 200 pound boar at 100 yards with a 30-6 at dusk.

Joe Rupena shot his pig with a 30-6 at 40 yards (not shown).

Charlie Hall Turkey

Charlie Hall shot this wild turkey (23 lbs with 10 inch beard and 8 inch spurs) from his backyard on April 19th, 2009.
Dave Maggie Elk

Dave Meghinasso's 6 by 6 Bull Elk which he took in Northwest Colorado on October 18th 2008. He shot it with a 7mm rifle at 275 yards.

Charlie Hall Hunting

Charlie Hall in 2/4/08 with the game he shot on his ranch in Portia, Arkansas. The wild turkey weighes 23 lbs has 1 inch spurs and a 10 inch beard.  The buck was a 9 point rack with a 15 inch spread.

Pig Hunt in Cloverdale. March, 2006. Andy Martinez, Matt Turturici, Joe Rupena and Paul Mangiola.

Robert Davis' 5x6 elk taken in Marble Mountain Wilderness 9-8-04. Cow call brought him in, taken at about 30 yards.