2005 1921 Seagrave Golf Tournament

     On May 9th 2005, 71 golfers enjoyed themselves at Poplar Creek Golf Course in San Mateo with a spirited game of team scramble to raise restoration funds for the San Mateo Firefighters’ Association 1921 Seagrave fire engine. “Over $4500.00 was raised by this tournament,” said Jeff Barile, one of its organizers, “making it the most successful fundraiser ever for the Seagrave!” Spring rain came down hard two hours after the start of play but stopped after about 15 minutes. The rest of the weather was partly cloudy with some strong afternoon wind. The golfers were grateful for the improved weather and enjoyed their team play. The following prizes were awarded by the co-organizer, Mike Galvin:

The best team score of 10 under par: Mike Galvin, Tom Fanucchi, Frank Schaukowitch, and Vince O’Leary.
The second best team score of 8 under par: Norm Payne, Dave Bianco, Willie Lemp, and Dale Pitt.
The third best team score of 5 under par was a tie but the winner was the team with the birdie on the 18th : Pat Wetteland, Steve Flaherty, Jim Jenkins, and Mike Belcher.
The longest drive: Christian Olazar.
The closest to the hole (17th) at 4.5 feet: Marty McCue.

Christian Olazar, Rick Olazar, Eric Olazar scored 1 under par.
Geoff Quinn, Scott Fletcher, Steve Graniesi, and Jerrell Fielder scored 4 under par.
Mike McCann, Marty McCue, Bill Sisack, and Joe Cutietta scored 3 under par.
Dave Eitel, Neil Wild, Ray Sorensen, and Juan Flores scored 2 under par.
Dave Balestrieri, Tom McGee, Fred Gualco, and Dennis Kruger scored even par.
Anthony Agresti, Dennis Agresti, Dave Rovetti, and Aric Agresti scored 2 under par.
Darren Shimamoto, Steve Stanovcak, Mike Jordan, and Joe Dal Porto scored 2 over par.
John Lee, Carole Groom, Blake Daily, and Rich Daily scored 2 under par.
Mike Sordelli, Sharla McDaniel, LeAnn Curran, and Karen Borka scored 4 under par.
Mark Navratil, Gary Fauth, Dave Moyles, and Gary Englestad scored 5 over par.
Ken Pacini, Kent Patterson, Gary Heap, and Joe Peterson scored 5 under par.
Walt Dabney, Mike Smith, Dave Shomaker, and Craig Young scored 2 over par.
Vickie Wilson, Maureen Hahn, George Musante, and Tony Slimick scored 1 under par.
Tom Neylan, Oliver Brown, and Rich Hall scored 1 under par.
Jeff Barile, Joe Barile, Mike Wedlake, and Malcom Laner scored even.

The SMFFA would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their financial contributions and help to make this tournament possible:

The City of San Mateo and the City Council
San Francisco Police Credit Union
San Mateo Police Officers Association
Neil Wild, Andy Musante, Merle Roensch, Pat Carli, & Tim Carli
Maureen Barile